Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How to add a German -> English dictionary to Kindle iOS app

  1. Download the dictionary - or pick a different language or direction from here
  2. For German, rename the resulting "German-English.mobi" to "B003YL4LVQ_EBOK.azw"
  3. Using PhoneView (or a similar app), move the file to Kindle's Library/eBooks/ directory. Note: You may need to use the "Show All Apps" checkbox, to access Kindle's Library folder.
For other languages, just take a look at the Kindle/Library/eBooks/ directory, then download another language's dictionary within the Kindle app (via the little (i) button in the definition window), and then look in the Kindle/Library/eBooks/ directory again to see which file has newly appeared. Then delete or move it aside, and put your new one in place.