Monday, February 27, 2012

Mr. Beer: Day 1

A: Looks yellow, cloudy, and even has a tiny bit of head / white foam on top!
S: Woah, smells like beer! I was expecting to smell something awful, but it smelled like thin beer, and even had a tiny hint of the honey.
T: First second: tastes like cheap beer that was left out in the sun. Seconds 2-30: Ungh, fairly bitter / sour. Seconds 30-: something interesting.

I've heard sour is fairly normal early, but extremely sour may mean it's infected. Don't think it's extreme, so I've got hope :-) Even though I was careful to clean and disinfect everything (can opener, whisk, etc.), some sources of foreign bacteria introduction might have been:
1) I brushed out the last of the yeast by hand
2) The local honey, probably unpasteurized?



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