Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Surprise! Morality reduces cheating

Came across this interesting post from Hugh Hewitt:

Simply put, people with moral codes do not cheat as often as those without such codes, and moral codes are more apt to be more deeply ingrained within people of religious belief than those with little or no religious belief. Which means --simply as an objective proposition-- that those who do not view cheating as "wrong" or sinful are more likely to cheat than those who do. Cheating at cards is not altogether different from cheating on your taxes or cheating in an internet contest or cheating in a recount. Cheating is cheating.

I remember voicing something similar in a liberal Political Science class in 1996 (of course not as succinctly as Hugh), after which I was so thoroughly ridiculed by the professor, that I shelved the idea as "not politically correct enough".


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